Full Residential

Watters Architecture provides in depth detailed full residential design, that meets all your expectations. We work with you through all aspects of the home design, from foundation to roof.


Watters Architecture has a long history of success designing buildings in the flood plain and in high-wind zones, specializing in any size of  projects you may need. We deliver aesthetics and function  spaces.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual design deals with the big ideas, and potential for the site. We will discuss architectural ideas and planning through loose sketches and rough models.

Additions & Renovations

Our expertise enables our teams to anticipate project costs, challenges, and opportunities. Our goal is to make the renovation process a pleasant and enjoyable experience for every client.

Construction Administration

Watters Architecture will administer the contract between you and the contractor. This contract is based on our drawings and specifications. As the construction  progresses, we act as your representative by observing the progress of construction for conformance with our drawings and specifications.

Interior Design

Watters Architecture  recognizes the common thread of classic style woven throughout traditional, transitional, and contemporary design, and their commitment to acting as a thoughtful partner throughout the design process.

Watters Architecture has experience in a variety of project types and has built a reputation for serving its clients in many capacities. We understand that for some projects an idea or a sketch is all the client needs or wants to get a project moving. For others, however, a more in-depth design process is required and a full package of construction documents is appropriate to ensure the best possible outcome. Our firm has extensive experience with residential and commercial projects including both renovations and new construction. As architects we are here to “Design” your project, taking your ideas and putting them on paper so you see your project before it gets built. We do all of this with the technical knowledge of how a building gets built. And when you see it on paper and you want to change something we are here to show you that too. All of this before the contractor picks up a hammer. Then, when you’re happy, we put together even more drawings so the contractor builds exactly what you want.

At Watters Architecture we believe in remaining accessible to our clients. Fees for commercial projects are typically less than 10% of construction cost with engineering included, while residential home design can often be done for less than the cost of your kitchen appliances.

We’re available for any project!